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 Como tornar-se Consignatária

The registration form duly completed may be sent to Embrapa through one of the following options:
  1. E-mail:;
  2. By mail to the following address: Embrapa Technological Information PqEB, S / N º, Avenue W3 Norte ( Final), Brasília - DF, 70770-901, PO Box: 040315, care of Marketing & Trading Division
  3. After registration evaluation and approval, Embrapa will send the result to the customer and will forward the Contract of Sale on Consignment for signature
  4. The required documentation should be sent us by mail so that we can accomplish the contract as soon as possible.
  5. A Embrapa, após receber e avaliar os documentos, comunicará a sua empresa ou instituição o resultado e enviará o "Contrato" para coleta de assinatura, no caso de aprovação cadastral.
 Required documentation

Os documentos necessários a formalização do Contrato variam de acordo com a natureza jurídica (privada ou pública) do Proponente, conforme abaixo:
  1. For Limited Company (Ltd.) or private corporation (SA) and Micro Enterprises (ME)
    1. Certified copy of the Social Contract
    2. Certified copy of the taxpayer identification car
    3. Certified copy of address proof (Light, Water or Telephone bills), if it differs from the declared one on taxpayer identification card
    4. Certified copy of the taxpayer and individual identification cards of Members
    5. Certified copy of address proof of each of the Partners (light, water or telephone bill)
    6. Certified copy of the individual identification card and of an address proof of the Proxy (if any)
    7. Certified copy of an address proof of the Proxy (light, water or telephone bill)
    8. Cópia autenticada do RG, CPF, comprovante de endereço do Preposto (caso exista);
    9. Cópia autenticada de comprovante de endereço do Preposto (conta Luz ou Água ou Telefone).
  2. For Public Institutions, Foundations, Associations, Unions
    1. Certified copy of documents evidencing the establishment of the institution (Act, Law, Decree, Normative Resolution, others)
    2. Certified copy of the taxpayer identification card
    3. Certified copy of an ddress proof (light, water or telephone bill), if it differs from the declared one on the taxpayer identificatio card
    4. Certified copy of the Chief-Executive term of office, stating the term of office limits
    5. Certified copy of the proxies of the legal representatives
    6. Complete qualification of the legal representatives (Occupation, Marital Status, Nationality, Birth, Residence and Domitius) if the documentation presented does not inform the data
    7. Certified copy of the identification cards, and taxpayer identification cards and proofs of residence (light, water or telephone bills) of all the legal representatives
    8. Names of legal representatives who will sign the contract, as well as all supporting documentation, if they are agents of the legal representatives
    9. Cópia autenticada do RG, CPF e comprovante de residência (conta Luz ou Água ou Telefone) dos representantes legais;
    10. Nomes dos representantes legais para assinatura do Contrato, bem como toda documentação comprobatória, caso estes sejam Prepostos dos representantes legais.
 Registration Analysis

For purposes of qualification, Embrapa will check the registration status of the applicant with:
  1. SICAF: the qualification will be considered regular (active) or the absence will be done online research about the regularity of the following certificates: INSS, FGTS Divide the Active UnionThe Dé ; habits of Taxes / Contributions Federal (IRS)txt.informativo.consignatario.analise.cadastral2=CADIN: the absence of non paid bank letters or credits will be checked at the Central Bank (SISBACEN)
  2. CADIN: Será verificada a inêxistencia de titulos não quitados junto ao Banco Central (SISBACEN);
  3. SERASA: the breach of contract will be verified with respect to the proponent´s fiscal declaration and the taxpayer identification cards of Members, Directors and Agents (if any)
  4. Registration at Embrapa Information System of Juristic Persons
 Contract of Sale on Consignment

Key terms that will be part of the contract of sale on consignment:
  1. You may not sell the products of greater value than the established price list of Embrapa
  2. 2.1.The consignee will have a counterparty, the sole and exclusive retention equivalent to 45% (forty-five percent) of sales made by it, based on the price list established by Embrapa
  3. The consignee will made the ascertainment of the monthly sales achieved and shoud send the statement until the 5th day of the month subsequent to the month of the sale, with the discounted percentage mentioned in the previous item
  4. Embrapa arrange issuance of Sales Invoice and Payment Guide for the Union - GRU regarding the net value of works contained in the statement, which were reported as sold, with maturity of fifteen (15) calendar days to from the issuance of Invoice
  5. After (60) sixty days late in reporting monthly sales related calculation, the consignee will be providing Embrapa has the right to issue receipt bill against that, with their finance charges, relating to the remaining balance of &uacte; last one hit because of the presumption of sale of the stock of publications under his custody
  6. Embrapa may at any time, to lecture and physical count of inventories held by the consignee, aiming to confront them with the provision of accounts referred to in the preceding item
  7. The term of these products remain in power consignee shall be one (01) year from the date of receipt of the respective lots, limited duration contract
  8. The means of transport (air or ground) for delivery of the goods shall be determined and paid by the consignee and the shipping refund will be paid by Embrapa
  9. The consignee must sign and return, after checking of goods, Lefty Invoice Remittance Statement and Receipt of Goods of material sent by Embrapa. Failure to comply with this paragraph by the consignee, will prevent the attendance of new shipments by Embrapa
  10. If, at the end of this period, there are still unsold goods, the consignee is obliged to communicate this fact to Embrapa, within 5 working days, relating each product and its quantity in stock, so Embrapa that can arrange your payment within 15 days
  11. The consignee is obliged to remit the payments of the remaining stocks are probably at the end of the term above, omitting as to the effectiveness of communication in the manner and time limits specified in sub-clause antecedent, hypothesis that Embrapa will consider as if they were sold, disengaging from the receipt of their discards
  12. The contract does not secure the exclusive right to consignee
  13. Term of the contract will be at least one (01) years with possibility of renewal.
 Download Forms

The following forms are available for download and printing:
  1. Registration Form
  2. Contract model
To download the documents, you must agree with the terms listed above on this page.
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